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Rax Consultancy started with the publication of a school textbook in 2010, Rax Active Citizenship Toolkit.

Rax Active Citizenship Toolkit

“10 out of 10! It is difficult to see how either the dedicated or the conscripted could fail to benefit from this excellent guide to the subject” Times Educational Supplement

“This is a truly remarkable book; honest, open and authentic… Anyone who is a social enabler or professes to be interested in the Big Society should pick this book up and take note of how it reaches out to help young people become active in their community.” Teaching Citizenship Magazine

“The book has inspired a programme we are delivering on Youth Citizenship, but fundamentally has inspired our team across broader work objectives. Despite the target audience of GCSE students, the tools, articles and activities featured in the book are extremely transferable. If you work with people, young or older, in educational, social, political or developmental environments then this book is guaranteed to enhance your work practices.” Holly Nottcutt, head of Neighbourhood Management Team, Great Yarmouth.

“The Rax Active Citizenship Toolkit is bloody amazing” Tony Breslin, Citizenship Foundation CEO

“I was blown away when I discovered the Rax book… a world where many people (grown-ups included) feel alienated from the political process the message that you CAN be involved and affect your own destiny is a very important one.” Jarvis Cocker

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Our core Citizenship education work is in enabling young people to participate in society in ways where they become agents of positive change.

Across the UK hundreds of young people who have worked with us have gone on to take informed and responsible action that has resulted in them having genuine impact in their local and wider communities.

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Active citizenship education is transformative. Young people who have been given the tools for genuine active citizenship become inspired to get involved in what is happening in their community, both local and global.

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Citizenship education is statutory within the national schools curriculum up to key stage 4. The curriculum stipulates that young people:

“… should develop their skills to be able to use a range of research strategies, weigh up evidence, make persuasive arguments and substantiate their conclusions. They should experience and evaluate different ways that citizens can act together to solve problems and contribute to society.”

“The different ways in which a citizen can contribute to the improvement of their community, to include the opportunity to participate actively in community volunteering, as well as other forms of responsible activity.”

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We have provided bespoke workshops for many of the teacher training colleges in the UK as well as whole department training sessions within schools and lectures on social pedagogy.

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We have provided one to one training sessions for students as well as for heads of departments or youth leaders and have also provided and run citizenship participation schemes for whole school projects.

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Rax provides young people with a unique array of authentic campaigning skills that serve them to go on to have dramatic impact within the real world.

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Part of the Rax programme provides media training, enabling young people to take part in or instigate debate in the mainstream by using advanced media skills.

This can enhance the reputation and standing of your school or organisation within your community as some projects lead to local and national press coverage.

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“Your Rax session really made me think in a global perspective and to want to go out and do something to raise awareness about the issues I feel most passionately about” Jeremy Bentham, 16, Atlantic College.

“I was so glad to be involved in something that showed young people in a positive light. It was an amazing day and something that I was proud to be a part of.” Ella, 16, School Of Rockupy

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